PreSonus Two Thousand Eighteen


Welcome to the Presonus of Two Thousand Eighteen!

Not only do we now have a Complete ECO system of product, from transducer to transducer, Stage boxes, Rack mixers, console mixers, in ear mixers, and speakers!



We now also offer New Plugins for your Studiolive mixer! Available today from your favorite PreSonus dealer!




The best Part is, it all incorporates into our software as well. All mixers ship with Capture and Studio One. You can record, Playback, mix down and use these audio files for Virtual sound check from either a computer or a Secure Digital Card on our console mixers.

So much to see from Presonus in 2018 and there is more to come!

Call us at Frequency Sales to set up a demo!



What paper?




     As you see members of Frequency Sales in your office, store, doing a demo, or perhaps on site, you may notice the lack of paper. No paper line cards, not many paper catalogs, or cut sheets. Prompting the question, Where’s the paper? With the popularity of cloud drives, google drive, drop box, ect, on the rise, we feel less and less need and demand for paper. By utilizing these forms of storage, we still have all this information of course, we are just able to “carry” more information. As we carry our own internet with us every where we go (hot spots) we can send it electronically to you on the spot.  From small files like price sheets, FTP info, ect, to huge amounts of information, such as training and promo videos, presentations, art work ect. taking up no room on your book shelf or file cabinet. 

     This of course is not revolutionary, however it is shocking how many businesses are not so green… yet. We do not claim to be the greenest company on Earth, but we try to keep our carbon foot print as small as possible. For example our friends at Stoltz Design, they handle our website, business cards, logo design, and web hosting, use wind powered servers, and use recycled fibers and eco-friendly soy ink for business cards. Thank you to Jack and his team at Stoltz design for being environmentally  awesome!

     In short, we have some paper catalogs, price sheets ect on hand, please do not hesitate to ask if you would like them. If you are otherwise like us and prefer your information digitally, we will send it over to you at your request via email or download link from our private server.

Please think before you print this blog 🙂




Post NAMM 2014


As we decompress from the activities that make up the NAMM show 2014, there are many exciting products that fit market needs and wants. One of the brightest stars of the show was the Arturia Beat Step. It is certainly not the most expensive product at the show, but I dare say it is in the top 3 of coolest. Even big time DJ/electronic musician BT agrees with us as he took about half an hour to discuss the Beat Step with Sean of Arturia U.S.
Please check out this first look video shot from the show floor. ETA April 2014.

The other super nova of a star product is the Apollo Twin! We have been asking for this product for the last 2 years and UA listened! 2 super high end mic pres, ADAT optical in, and UAD-2 processing! The really amazing part is it is shipping! It was available for shipping on the first day of NAMM. You can actual run out and buy it now.

Another highlight from the show was the attention being paid to the education and production markets by many of the manufacturers we represent. Intellistage unveiled their new line of staging, Pro Flex Staging! This is a high end large scale staging solution. you have to see it to believe it. They are also now offering trussing, built in Poland, not China and offering many certifications needed to be used commercially. Last but not least they showed the staging 101 system in a completed package form. Multiple level risers for choirs, programs, house of worship ect. Again you must see it!

All in all it was a great show with much for us to share with you. We have demos ready to go and are eager to show off the coolest of the cool from NAMM 2014.

New Products here we come!


We are 2 days away from NAMM 2014! Although we cannot share with you yet what new products are coming from Universal Audio, Arturia, and Aphex, what we can say is they will knock your socks off! More importantly some of this products will be shipping at the time they are announced!

If you are attending NAMM this year please make sure you visit all of our manufacturers. Presonus, Arturia, Universal Audio, Renkus-Heinz, Road Ready, and APB. We will Blog all the new product will images and have videos on our you tube channel. Of course follow us on Facebook and Twiiter as well to catch all the up to the minute excitement. Only 48 hours to go!

NAMM 2014


As we approach #NAMM 2014, We find ourselves excited for what the year may hold. Sales have been looking up, consumer confidence is on the rise and in response the manufacturers confidence is increasing as well. We have begun to see great new products with tons of R&D. The D800 and D800- Dante from #Aviom , Active integration mixers and Speakers  from @presonus and much much more. There are many “ME Too” products but the leaders of our industry are really stepping up to the plate and we look forward to see what the show brings.

We are only 2 weeks away, if you are going to NAMM please call us so we can meet up and make sure you see the best stuff. If you are not going to NAMM please stay tuned to our blog, twitterfacebook and our new Youtubechannel launching at the show!

In the meantime please tell us what products you think are coming out and what products you would like to see made.

Thank you


Happy New Year


Happy New Year! Welcome to the Frequency Sales blog. We hope to fill your heads with useful info and have a few laughs, perhaps even a few tears.

Winter NAMM is around the corner. The promise of new products, new tech, and hopefully new opportunities for us all. Please stay tuned as we will blog from the show and beyond to update you all on the newest releases from Universal Audio, PreSonus, Aviom and more.

We wish to create a community of ideas as well. Please feel free to post comments, questions and thoughts as you like. Please keep it PG as we hope to have a lot of eyes on our pages.

Thank you!